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Welcome to the Future of Trading:

Embracing AI-Powered Strategies

Join us and experience the trading revolution with GPC AI, leveraging AI strategies for smarter, more confident trading in a global network.

How Our AI Technology Maximizes Your Precious Metal & Cryptocurrency Market Investments.

Instant Insights for Smart Choices

Analyzes real-time and historical data, sifting through market trends, economic indicators, and global events.

Precision with Predictive Analytics

Predicts market movements accurately, identifying hidden patterns for informed decisions.

Tailored Strategies for You

Customizable strategies match your goals, risk tolerance, and objectives.

Effective Risk Management

Offers insights to mitigate potential losses and adapt to market shifts.

Seizing Instant Opportunities

Real-time alerts keep you informed about market shifts and potential opportunities.

Your AI-Powered Precious Metals & Cryptocurrency Trading Partner

We're more than just a platform – we're your AI-powered partner in the precious metal & cryptocurrency trading market.

Collaborating with Globally Recognized Brokers

We collaborate with international well-known brokers, offering you the freedom to select the one that aligns perfectly with your preferences.


Orfinex, established and regulated since 2015, has emerged as a beacon of excellence within the global financial market. With its origins firmly rooted in the dynamic landscapes of Australia, Orfinex embarked on a trajectory marked by consistent growth and an unwavering dedication to innovation.

As a leading provider of Financial Technology services, Orfinex is committed to delivering an exceptional trading experience, a commitment that has garnered recognition as the Best Forex Broker in Asia & MEA* on numerous occasions.

At Orfinex, pride is taken in our relentless pursuit of excellence, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to client satisfaction, integrity, and transparency. With a steadfast focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, Orfinex empowers traders across the globe to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with confidence and achieve success.

Countries Serviced
0.20 sec
Average Execution Time
13 m+
Trades Executed
8 bn+
Monthly Trading Volume

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Why Glory Pine Capital?

Choose GPC for advanced AI, trustworthy brokerage, proven track record, user-friendly interface, responsive support, and solid reliability.

Advanced AI TechnologyTrustworthy BrokerageProven Track RecordUser-friendly InterfaceResponsive SupportSolid Reliability and Safety